Monday, 7 April 2014

Camden Quarter

'The Beyond,' acrylic on canvas, 40 x 40cm
I have just hung several paintings in a very beautiful, new restaurant in Tunbridge Wells, called CAMDEN QUARTER. The bold interior reminds me of New York restaurants, and as one of the walls is brown bricks, it called for bold, colourful work. There was really only space for three medium to large canvases, and one smaller one. On Friday I hung three canvases. One was  WE ARE ALL NOMADS (posted below), the largest, and the other two canvases are 75 by 75cms. I will post photos of the restaurant this week.  They are waiting for one more, smaller canvas to complete the set.

'We Are All Nomads,' oil and acrylic on canvas. 110 x 80cm

Other than that, I am pushing on with more work. Here is another of the Spring-based work.

'The Beyond,' (3) oil and acrylic on canvas, 35 x 24cm

Thursday, 27 March 2014

New Work

'The Wasteland,' oil and acrylic on board, 46 x 61cm
Yesterday I heard that the Llewellyn Alexander gallery (London) has accepted two of my submitted paintings this year. I was really pleased! Both are landscapes and a bit less abstract than my current work, but I submitted my photos, CD and documents with hours to spare, and was not sure if they would choose anything! I have shown with them for the last 11 years and it is always a highlight of the summer. The exhibition is well-known and called NOT THE ROYAL ACADEMY. It runs at the same time as THE ROYAL ACADEMY SUMMER SHOW.

I have been very busy painting. I have quite a few new canvases and I'm including some of them in this post. This week I have worked on 3 more paintings. Spring always has this affect on me.

'March Paintscape,' oil and acrylic on board, 46 x 61cm

My book is getting some good comments from the people who have read it so far! I think that the best thing an author can hear is that someone did not want the book to end, and that is what people have been saying. This is the link:

I hope you might take a look. Though it is an e-book right now, I will be making it available in print very soon. As an e-book, it can be read on an iPhone, iPad, and Kindle device.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

My Podcast Interview

'Paphos Glimpse,' oil and acrylic on canvas, 60 x 45cm

My podcast interview went live yesterday, the day my computer crashed! I was lucky though - a few  hours later it seemed to recover and I have been able to listen to myself. It's amazing how much you forget after an interview. I am including the link below:

Monday, 10 March 2014


'Reverie,' oil and acrylic on canvas, 55 x 45cm
Whirlwind! That is the only word that describes the past week! Monday: I had to prepare and deliver two paintings for an exhibition called 'Flight,' at The Gallery, (Tunbridge Wells, Kent). That entailed painting white around the canvas edges, to neaten them, and attaching wires on the back, and signing them on the back. It took more time than I expected. I also had to varnish one of them, and then took them to the gallery.

On Tuesday I set up Skype on my computer, to connect with an artist who wanted to interview me via Skype. That night I went out to the Private View at the gallery. It was crowded and I met some other artists.

In the gallery, my two paintings.

The Private View.

The two blue paintings are mine. They refer to flight over the sea, though I was thinking about people's journeys through life.

On Tuesday night at 10pm, just after I returned home from the PV, I connected with Phillip J. Mellen, on Skype, to discuss the podcast. Thankfully, the connection was really good, and we chatted about my work and the questions I would be asked on Thursday night.

On Wednesday I made my notes for the podcast, and began some new paintings. Altogether last week I worked on five new canvases, all fairly small because my supplies of canvas are low. But these were freebies! I was sent 6 small canvases by an art supplier because I'd received a slightly damaged canvas in a previous order. Small canvases can be fantastic for working out ideas fast, and making changes fast. This is one of them.

'It's That Time of Year Again.' oil and acrylic on canvas, 35 x 24cm

On Thursday I painted most of the day. It put me in the right frame of mind for the interview. I also had to finish filling in some forms for exhibitions and a website I want to be included on. Sometimes admin work seems to take as much time as painting.

The podcast was very enjoyable. I was more relaxed than I expected to be. The questions took about an hour and I was fully prepared. We both had our drinks next to us - talking for so long really makes your throat dry - and after the first 10 minutes passed, we were both at ease. I found it quite amazing being able to see Phil's room, and cat, and Phil picked up his latest painting to show to me! (It's the first time I have experienced Skype.) We ended up talking from 10pm to 11.30pm. For the last half hour, we discussed our own work. Phil is a wonderful artist and we both love colour.

I was really thrilled to be asked to do this interview as I am now in the 'company' of a lot of incredible artists from around the world. I feel as if I am part of an artistic community as many of these artists are either known to me, or are Facebook friends.  My podcast should be on this week, along with photos of my work. I also spoke about my book THE JAGGED GREEN LINE, and made a tribute to Stass Paraskos, my ex-tutor from art school, who I'd learned only that day had died. Stass was a big influence on me, and always encouraged my use of colour. I was really very shocked to hear of his death and that was the first thing I spoke about when Phil and I connected on Skype.

'The Land of the Midnight Sun.' Oil and acrylic on canvas, 35 x 24cm
As the weather has improved, my colour has become brighter. I finished the week with 5 wet canvases propped up around the room, and on Sunday I went to see the Paul Klee exhibition at the TATE MODERN, London. It was the last day and I was so glad I made the effort.  Klee's colour affected me emotionally, and I have started this week buzzing with painting ideas. 

The podcast website is:

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A Busy Week

'Paintscape,' acrylic on canvas, 42 x 33cm
Next week will be a busy one! I'm delivering two paintings for a show titled FLIGHT, which opens on Tuesday evening. Coincidentally, both paintings are blue-based, and images of the sea. I'm looking forward to seeing how the other artists have interpreted this theme. My smaller painting was inspired by the memory of a flight over Paphos (Cyprus) and the larger one is an abstract using the sea as a metaphor for life's struggles. I will post both images next week.

Meanwhile, I have been invited to do a PODCAST interview next week. The date has yet to be set, but the interviewer is an artist, Phillip J. Mellen, who lives in the US, and has interviewed a lot of artists whose work I really respect, and established artists. I am really honoured to be included in his list of artists!

The painting posted above is a recent one and it was inspired partially by winter colours, and the way that the sun suddenly comes out and you get wonderful golds and lilacs.

Thursday, 20 February 2014


'Nicosia Rooftops,' oil and acrylic on board.
Yesterday I finally published my novel on Kindle. This is the image I used for my cover, which I designed myself, with the help of the Kindle cover-creator. I was really pleased to be able to use one of my paintings on my cover.

My novel is called THE JAGGED GREEN LINE.

It was really thrilling to buy my book, and see it magically appear on my new Kindle Fire HD. It felt as if it was not written by me. Somehow the fact that it was readable on a different device instantly set it apart from any connections to my laptop, or the endless days of struggle over words and phrases! At the same time, my words still carried the impact I wanted, and that was wonderful to see.

This is the link:

The next steps are:
To get back to painting - sorely missed for the past 3 weeks (though I have begun 3 new ones) and this absence has made me increasingly frustrated.....
To continue the sequel to my novel, begun some time ago....
To see about getting my novel set up as a print version, and this option is now available to me.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Circles, excitement and anxieties.

'Thinking About Cyprus,' oil and acrylic on board, 30 x 40cm
As the torrential rain continues to fall outside, and with flood warnings and red weather alerts across the south of the UK continuously on the television near me, I'm attaching a painting that is now in sunny Cyprus. When I was there in January, I swopped paintings with Valerie Brennan, my Facebook friend. This is the one I gave her and it is now in her home. It gives me much pleasure to think of it being in Cyprus, enjoyed by her. I have not left any artwork in Cyprus since I left in 1998, though we hope to make a show in Nicosia in the summer.

I sat for some hours in Valerie's studio and saw her wonderful paintings, and we talked about our artwork. Facebook has created a wide circle of artists and I know many personally or through someone else. Valerie has met several of the artist friends whose work has inspired me on Facebook. From painting in much isolation four or five years ago, I now have the advantage of being able to check in on my friends' recent paintings, and can contact them in seconds by a few clicks.

My painting is from a memory of sunrise - when the Kyrenia mountains appear quite dark, and the sun turns the sky yellow. Grasses and rocks and the wide plain catch the early glow and my painting is a composite of experiences. Circles also seemed to embody my experiences.

My novel, 'The Jagged Green Line,' is now finished. I have been struggling to create something called an active table of contents and this is what has been delaying me. I hope to be able to submit my book to Kindle by Friday (Valentine's Day!). It is a time of great excitement and also great nerves! I have asked myself many times, How do you know when a book is finished? I have tweaked it for a long time and it is richer for this, I believe. But somehow the strings of attachment and anxiety have loosened, and it has fallen free from me. It seems to have its own life. So this is the point at which I feel it is finished.

I was given a Kindle Fire HD for Christmas. The first book I will buy will be my own. I can't wait to see how it looks on my Kindle!